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Premises liability law is that branch of law that makes the possessors of land or premises liable for certain injuries suffered by individuals present on that land or premises. It may range from slip and fall accidents, injuries sustained as a result of wanting maintenance, dangerous conditions that are neglected or not warned of, or injuries from inadequate security on a property.

Slip and fall cases may have devastating effects on the injured person such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries and even death.

One may be lead to believe that the existence of a dangerous condition or a defect on a property is all that is needed to prove liability on the part of the owner of the property. Under Louisiana law the personal injury claimant must prove that the property owner had actual or constructive knowledge of the existence of the property defect that resulted in the injury. This essentially means that the premises owner knew or should have known that there was an unreasonably dangerous condition present on his/her property.

The legal standard related to premises liability in Louisiana varies depending on the type of property owner. For instance a lessor may bear more responsibility for ensuring that his/her premises is free from defect when compared to a merchant or a residential home owner.

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