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Alimony has become a controversial issue in the USA. With the changing concept of marriage, the concept of spousal support has also changed. In the past, women needed their husband's support to make a decent living as they used to detach themselves from employment once they got married.

However, this scenario is slowly changing with time. Women are becoming financially independent with time. They don't need anyone to support them any longer. It is due to this the concept of paying spousal maintenance is being targeted over and over again. Everyone is asking the same question – is it justified to pay spousal support?

Now, it is true that some women are in need of support after they are divorced. They require the money for further education or until the time they can find better employment to support themselves. Temporary alimony still exists. However, there are some important aspects the court will consider before awarding the amount.

Factors to Consider

Duration of the marriage is the most important factor that the court will consider. In case of a short marriage of two years, the amount of spousal support will not be high. Moreover, the time limit will be short as well. However, in case of a thirty-year marriage the amount and time limit both may stretch. The health and potential to work matter as well. The court will consider whether the spouse has got the potential to get a good job and maintain a decent living. If the court finds that the spouse does not have the expertise to handle a job or that her health will not permit holding on to employment, the chance of permanent spousal support will open up.

Cause of getting a divorce can affect the spousal support issue. In case of adultery or violence, the court may take a different approach to the matter of paying spousal maintenance.

Is legal assistance required from Anton Legal Group? Yes, you will require legal assistance if you need to obtain spousal support. This is a state governed law. You need to know the divorce law of the state you are residing. The alimony lawyers Tampa will be able to provide you proper suggestions about the further procedure.

Calculating the Amount

Calculating the amount of spousal support is a complicated matter. There is no particular formula that can help you get the exact amount. Different factors play big roles in this, and you will require expert's assistance if you want to get the right amount.

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