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The service package includes all possible actions for obtaining the result desired by the principal: with a Las Vegas accident attorney.


• pre-trial procedure (assessment of the circumstances of the case, deep verification of the counterparty, verification of the facts, latest court practice with monitoring the decisions of recent court cases in the region, development of tactics and strategies, formation of a position on the case and proposals to challenge the position of the counterparty);


• discussion with the principal of actions on the Las Vegas case, possible mediation;


• the initial stage of legal proceedings (drafting documents to the court, personal negotiations, the formation of a position for the loyal attitude of the judge already at the preliminary meeting;


• constant familiarization with the case materials and court records, an audio recording of the court session;


• adjustment of the legal position taking into account new materials on the case during the entire judicial process, with the preparation of the necessary documents;


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