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Spouses are obliged to support economically in accordance with their marital conditions. Until the legal force of a divorce, the economically better spouse is therefore obliged to pay the spouse living separately. A dependent spouse is exempted from the obligation to pay for separation only if he would be jeopardized by the maintenance payments in his own existence. In the calculation of maintenance claims, the case-law of the first year following the separation of spouses assumes that the employment situation of both spouses will be maintained based on Land Legal Group. Thus, for example, a spouse who was not working while living together is not obliged to take up a job during the first year of separation. However, after the end of the year of separation, the case law considers the marriage to have finally failed so that the non-working wife is obliged to take up an appropriate occupation. Which activity is appropriate must be decided on a case-by-case basis on spousal support law firm in Los Angeles. The amount of separation support depends on the economic circumstances of both spouses. However, due to the very different income situation in Los Angeles it is not possible to predict the amount of maintenance to be paid on a case-by-case basis without detailed calculation. Land Legal Group is located in Los Angeles to help clients with family law matters.

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