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Grandparents often play a significant role in a child's life. They positively impact and contribute in different ways in a child's upbringing. However, some grandparents are denied such rights and most of such cases ends up in the Law Office of Joyce Holcomb – Grandparents Rights Attorneys.

The law provides for grandparent visitation rights following the parent's separation or divorce provided that such visitations are in the best interest of the child. In fact some states requires that the grandparents get involved during the divorce or separation proceedings.

For ages the concept of grandparent visitation rights hasn't been a thorny one, most parents actually encouraged such visitations. But with the high rate of divorce and separation some estranged couples end up denying the grandparents such rights. In such instances it is a matter for the courts to intervene, typically the courts should make some considerations on the merit of such an application by considering; the best interest of the child in question, the child's relationship with their grandparent, the effect of granting such visitation rights to the grandparent, whether grandparent visitation would strain the child's relationship with their parents and any prior history of physical or psychological abuse or neglect on the part of the grandparent.

The courts must also consider the parents point of view of the matter, in most cases the courts deny grandparents visitation rights if they determine that such visitation will create an undue amount of strife.

In some circumstances the court might decide to grant the grandparent not only visitation but also custody of the child if the court determines that a parent is abusive or has neglected their parental obligation to the child, in such cases however, the other parents rights will be considered before the grandparents.

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Written by on October 2nd, 2017