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A child custody proceeding simply refers to any legal case which involves the protection, termination of parental rights, guardianship, adoption of better yet voluntary placement of a minor. It is important to understand the fact that the support order will largely be based on the child’s obligators ability to pay, custody arrangements and the child’s support guidelines taking into serious consideration all of the child’s needs.

Take note, the criminal code makes it an offence to abduct a minor and spite a custody order. Keep in mind a custody order establishes both the custody and the parenting arrangements for minors. In addition to the above, your custody order will also always remain confidential. Keep in mind, you may be allowed to contest the custody, child support, property division and filing of appropriate legal papers. Taking into consideration all that goes into the child custody case, it is important to identify a professional and experienced attorney to assist you. The Hill Law Group serves as a guarantee for professional legal assistance in Las Vegas.

Written by admin3 on January 19th, 2016