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Spousal support, alternatively called alimony, is a payment made by the spouse to the spouse under being officially divorced or separated. The purpose of an alimony is to support economically sociable spouse in order he/she continues to lead the same lifestyle as before. Mostly, the spouse with a higher income is obliged to pay spousal support to the ex-spouse and children if any.

Anton Legal Group’s experienced attorneys will learn your case and special circumstances to provide guidance in case you seek spousal support or if you believe you can be responsible for spousal support yourself. In the court you will have the support of professional Tampa Spousal Support Attorneys who will represent your best interests in the lawsuit in order for you to get a fair judgment.

No doubt you will get stressed when going through this process, Anton Legal Group’s spousal support attorneys in Tampa, will handle this undesired process with a more positive way and the solutions and compromises will make keep the peace.

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