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Spousal support or what many people would call alimony is not mandatory at any marriage separation case, however incase you are bound to provide alimony to any party its meant to meet all spouse living expenses on given period or indefinitely, this may be determined by several conditions presented to the jury by your spouse who is seeking support.

You may need services of Law Office of Landon C family lawyer in Irvine to help you file the case defend or actualize your cause at any given time. He will assist you in different ways that are exercised in calculating the amount of money your child should get, That is; alimony is not the same as child support in that child support is expressed after a particular arithmetic formula is involved to solve the situation.

Spousal support is awarded at the decision of the jury or according to the prenuptial agreement that the guard your marriage incase of a divorce process. Other than child support being prioritized at any case there is a major difference between it and spousal support, i.e. spousal support is considered to be an income to the recipient and therefore attracts tax from the government whereas child support is exempted from the tax deduction category.

In context to family law in Irvine there are other factors that count when it comes to alimony and child support, it gives the jury the mandate to view in to details if the party claiming this support has chances of making it alone or the party being served can support this cause based on his/her earning, the jury considers the living standard that was first in place before the tussle began to ensure the claims being made are genuine or are just extravagant.

Another major factor the reflects the award is the length of the marriage, if the marriage is about ten years the award may be half the time however if the length is more than that the time limit factor ceases to operate, today the gender factor no longer plays a big role in the child or spousal support cases as Irvine family law allows the jury to evaluate both parties equally. The family law in Irvine states that the judge should consider your health before awarding any responsibility to you since if are unable to execute you will be responsible for court contempt.


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